I'm a mechanical engineering student at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, a small school just outside of Boston.

In my free time, I keep busy working on projects like robots, human powered vehicles, animatronic penguins, automatic t-shirt cannons and various mechanical or software projects.

I've been involved with the FIRST Robotics Competition since 2008 as a student then engineering mentor on Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs from San Jose, CA.

I'm also a part of Olin College's award-winning Human Powered Vehicle Team.


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Crane Control

Crane Control

Designed a state-space controller for a shipping container crane and simulated its performance in MATLAB.

Corrosion Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Analyzed the galvanic corrosion of a precision saw using scanning electron microscopy and x-ray spectrometry.

Clock Sculpture

Clock Sculpture

Designed & built a moving clock sculpture with three gear-connected hands.

Lunar Rover Prototype

NASA Lunar Rover

Helped to design, build & test lunar micro-rover prototype during NASA internship.

Shifting PTO Gearbox

Shifting PTO Gearbox

Designed 1000+ watt capacity two-speed piston-actuated shifting gearbox with power take-off for FIRST robot.

Jimmy Robot

Jimmy the Robot

Designed the 3D-printable humanoid walking robot imagined by a futurist at Intel.

Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design

Developed comprehensive brand imagery and identity standards to unify and strengthen the brand of Robotics Team 254.

Soccer Robot

Soccer Robot

Lead designer for award-winning competition robot which kicks soccer balls 50+ ft and does a "chin up" in <2 sec.

Robot Scouting System

Robot Scouting System

Built a cloud-based scouting website for FIRST Robotics using PHP, MySQL & jQuery; used by over 200 teams.

Capacitor & Helmholtz Coil

Helmholtz Coil & Capacitor

Built working Helmholtz Coil & Capacitor and created AM radio with both for Physics E&M class.

Android App Development

Android Apps

Developed three Android apps in Java and distributed them on the Google Play store; downloaded over 15,000 times.