Nick Eyre


Ben, a friend of mine, designed, analyzed, and began building a beautiful bicycle frame during his senior year of college. The cyclocross frame was to be built with carbon fiber unidirectional tubes joined with steel lugs CNC machined to resemble swallows in flight. As, he was unable to complete the project before graduating, and no longer had access to a machine shop, he passed along the half-welded frame to me.

I worked in my free time during my senior year to finish the frame. This gave me a good excuse to practice TIG welding in order to complete the structure. After finishing the welds, boring out the bottom bracket shell on a mill, machining custom cable guides, jigging and bonding the frame with a high-strength epoxy, and finishing with scotch brite & enamel, I built up the frame and tested it out. It rode great, and Ben was able to give it a test ride when he visited Olin as a capstone project sponsor liason.