Nick Eyre

World Champion Competition Robot

During my senior year in high school, I was the lead designer and project manager for Robotics Team 254, a team which competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. In this role, I oversaw the creation of our 2011 competition robot, Slipstream, which was designed to manipulate inflatable tubes.

This entailed leading the team in developing requirements for the robot, prototyping subsystems, implementing the design in CAD and producing the robot. While I supervised all of these aspects, I was most involved in the CAD design process and worked on all of the robot subsystems. I also gave weekly robot design reviews to the team of over 75 students, 10 engineering mentors and 50 parents. I also created a robot highlight video for my Graphic Design class at Bellarmine. Over the course of short six week build season, I put hundreds of hours into the robot and was by far the most involved student on the team.

The robot performed very well, completing the season with the best record in the 2000+ team competition and winning the world championship.

Competition History & Awards Won

Slipstream competed at two FIRST regional tournaments, the world championship and two unofficial offseason scrimmages. The robot won every event it entered and also won the world Industrial Design Award.

Robot Abilities

More Information

Additional information on Slipstream can be found on the Team 254 Website.