Nick Eyre


In Summer 2013, I worked as a product definition intern at Onshape. Onshape, founded by much of the same team that started Solidworks, has developed a novel cloud-based CAD tool for mechanical engineers. During my internship, I was lucky to be able to contribute to the core design of the product. While I decided to pursue a more traditional engineering internship instead of returning to Onshape the next summer, I was very fortunate to have been able to contribute to Onshape while their very exciting product was in its infancy.


While at Onshape, I worked in a team of four with company founders to develop the core paradigms, interactions, and workflows for the new CAD tool, bridging requirements between mechanical engineering and software. We identified possibilities for how CAD could leverage the lack of discrete files​ in a cloud-based environment and developed "part studios" which can be used to reliably design related parts in place without the use of finicky external references.

I also designed the first iterations of the visual version manager - a new take on part data management (PDM) which allows engineers to keep track of the evolution of their designs in a dynamic and collaborative CAD environment. The version manager allows different users to work simultaneously on parts either together or on separate branches which can later be merged.

More details on the work I contributed to while at Onshape are captured in US patent application WO2016135674A2, on which I am a named inventor.

More Information

Additional information on Onshape can be found on the company website.