Nick Eyre

Cycling Computer

For the final project for Real World Measurements, a second-semester Olin class, I worked in a team to create an integrated sensor package for Olin's Human Powered Vehicle Team's vehicle. The goal was for the package to be useful both during vehicle operation and in post-race evaluation, helping the team improve upon its vehicle in future iterations.

Some measurements which we took included speed with an optical encoder, acceleration and tilt with an accelerometer and operator heart rate with a pulse oximeter. We also constructed a display array with several 7-segment displays to provide real-time feedback to the rider. All of the circuitry was incorporated in several custom-etched circuit boards to clean up the wiring of the circuit as a whole. The project was successful, with the intended circuitry working as intended and with useful measurements being taken.

System Components

All of the chosen sensors were integrated into a functional package on the Human Powered Vehicle Team's race vehicle. With additional time for the project, future work could be done into cleaning up the system as a whole including tidying wire routing and building an enclosure for the computer.

More Information

Additional information on the Custom Cycling Computer can be found by reading our Report.