Nick Eyre

Dynamic Simulation

For the final project for Dynamics at Olin College, I worked with a partner to model a planar compound triple pendulum both with and without viscous damping forces. Using Lagrangian energy methods, we derived coupled ordinary differential equations of motion for the system and I simulated them numerically in MATLAB. We use an experimental test setup with motion tracking to collect experimental data for a compound triple pendulum which was compared to the simulated results. After tuning the damping constants of the model to match those of the system, we acheived extremely close agreement between the model and the experimental results. The inclusion of damping in the system significantly changes the dynamics, highlighting the system's chaotic nature.

On a separate project, I used the Sympy Mechanics module to derive the equations of motion for complex rigid body systems using Python. The equations were then used to determine required actuator specifications. Specific project details protected under NDA.

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